Yoga for men and women – where is the relationship?

Many people today consider yoga as a sport best suited for women. However, its benefits on the health and well-being of an individual extend to people from both sexes. Women love yoga for the calm effect it has on the body and mind. Men seem to have given up the sport entirely. It’s a fact that this might be brought about by the misperceived macho attitudes that dominate society today.

Most of the women practicing yoga have good reviews for the few guys who practice it. They argue that such an individual has an open mind that accommodates new experiences. Additionally, men who practice yoga are more open to new experiences. Its common knowledge that any guy who is calm, centered and happy is an instant winner for any female. Briefly touched upon are ten things that women like about guys doing yoga.

Health conscious

This should not come as a surprise as women love guys who take care of their well-being. For instance, those who practice yoga are sending the message that they prioritize their mental and physical health too.

yoga position

Calm demeanor

With a calm attitude comes peace. No one likes hanging out with an individual who easily goes into fits of rage and anger. A person who loves peace and remains collected is worth spending time with. If you are a person prone to anger and you take yoga classes, this is good enough.

Strength and flexibility

Every woman is impressed by a guy who takes good care of their bodies. If the guy regularly performs yoga his body will be strong. This is qualities that send positive signals about one’s vitality during intimacy.


Anyone who practices yoga has an open mind. The art of yoga emphasizes a lot on mental nourishment in addition to the physical aspect. A guy who goes to yoga must be very open-minded in challenging the society generated gender stereotype of the exercise. This is quite impressive to most women as they consider this as an adventurous, out-of-the-box thinker.

Physical fitness

A guy who takes part in yoga regularly is bound to be ripped and display a healthy glow. This translates into a better appearance. Women will be ecstatic about hanging out with such an individual more.

Great listeners

Yoga teaches someone how to master mental composer and absorb everything around their surroundings in a calm and composed way. Women dating guys who take yoga classes discover that they are good listeners. This means they pay keen attention to your feelings and listen.

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Getting that mental composure means you have more control over your actions, including speech. Guys who do yoga are more sensitive as they carefully word what they say. This self-awareness attribute makes one display a high level of sensitivity to others feelings around. An attribute that is adored by women. Alternatively, this means the guy is less judgmental.
He will not pay too much attention to the woman’s social status or crazy expectations. Women love being around a guy who gives them the opportunity to be themselves.

Simple Exercises To Get A Flat Tummy

If you aim for a desirable flat tummy, you should perform specific exercises frequently. These exercises will help you to stay slender, calm and flexible. When proper movements are given to joints and muscles, it helps people sprint forward without hurting themselves. But there is a limit past which the stretching of the body is not possible, as this would bring undesirable wear and tear to the muscles. Such damage may restrict the ability to walk altogether. Hence, you should strive for a brisk 20-minute walk daily, to burn the extra fat and to be easy with your body exercises regimen. Other exercises can also be undertaken with some supervision initially from acclaimed trainers. Once they give go ahead, you can practice lightly complicated exercises at home without their supervision.

Here are the three simple tasks that would keep your tummy flat and make you energetic on the long run.

Bicycle Crunch

First, you should lie down with your back on the ground. While doing so, make sure to keep theworkout hands behind your head. Now, you should try to raise your legs at a 45-degree angle so that the right knee is near to the chest. Concurrently, you should straighten the left leg. While performing this exercise, you should slowly twist your top half in such a way that your left-hand elbow reaches your right knee. After a minute of staying in this posture, you should replicate the same exercise by switching sides.

The Boat

Sit on the ground with your knees folded and feet flat. Seated in this posture, you should turn your top half of the body back. Now, you can stretch your legs so that your body creates a right angle. While performing this exercise, you should draw your abs in to balance the body. After holding the position for a minute, slowly stretch your arms at shoulder length past your knees. After achieving this posture, hold for five slow breaths repeatedly and resume to your starting place. Repeat this exercise five times in one day, to keep the body flexible.

The Plank

First, you should lay your face down. After this, you should raise yourself up toyoga your toes and forearms. After this, you need to fold your elbows at 90 degrees. Now, make your core muscles tight and your legs straight to balance the body at a set height. Freeze at this posture holding your breath for 10 seconds, before releasing your body to reach to the starting place. Repeat this exercise three times a day, steadily building to 40 seconds each.